Artists rendering of Brand Road over Rowlett Creek - Garland, Texas. This project was designed for the City of Garland, Texas and is currently under construction. The 900 foot bridge project includes architectural treatment of the substructure, superstructure, bridge railings, and bridge illumination package. The project is adjacent to the Firewheel Golf Course Expansion being constructed concurrently with the bridge.

The bridge construction required rerouting of approximately 1100 feet of the Rowlett Creek main channel. The bridge and golf course expansion projects are being constructed under the same Corps of Engineers individual 404 permit.
Careful analysis was required for the unusual substructure elements.
Secondary reinforcement for crack control was added at key locations
near the top and bottom of the columns.
The relocated main channel of Rowlett Creek is armored with gabion matting to handle the high velocities encountered during major storm events. Sediment discharge from this reach of channel was significantly reduced with the construction of this project.